Glendalough State Park Bird Trail

  • Habitat

    Managed specifically for wildlife appreciation and observation by the Minnesota DNR. There are nearly 2,000 acres in the park and habitats include remnant and restored prairie, hardwood forests, marshlands and miles of lakeshore. There are eight miles of hiking trails plus observation platforms and wildlife blinds. Binoculars and field guides are available at the park office.

  • Best Times to Visit
    May through June, August through October.
  • Birds to Look For

    Waterfowl, hawks, woodpeckers, flycatchers, vireos, warblers, sparrows and finches.

  • Area Notes

    Vehicle permits required. Camping and picnic area available. Map available. Inquire about wildlife viewing blinds. From Cty. Hwy 78 turn east on Cty. 16, follow signs to park entrance.

  • Photo Gallery