Rothsay Wildlife Management Area Bird Trail

  • Features

    Fields, native mesic and wet prairie and wetlands.

  • Best Times to Visit
    February through June, August through December.
  • Birds to Look For

    Gray Partridge, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Sandhill Crane, Marbled Godwit, Snowy (winter only) and Short-eared Owls, Willow Flycatcher, Lapland and Smith’s Longspurs. Rarities to look for include Ferruginous Hawk, Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Henslow’s Sparrow.

  • Area Notes

    This site features some of northwestern Minnesota’s best fall and winter birding. Some land is privately owned, so please obey signs. Excellent for a diversity of native sparrows in early October. Waterproof footgear recommended. No established trails available. Foot traffic permitted.

  • Photo Gallery
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