Beltrami Island State Forest Bird Trail

  • Features

    669,000 acres of jack pine, aspen and vast inaccessible peat lands.

  • Best Times to Visit
    May through June, August through March.
  • Birds to Look For

    Northern Goshawk; Ruffed Grouse; Spruce Grouse; Northern Hawk, Great Gray and Boreal Owls; Black-billed Cuckoo; Whip-poor-will; Three-toed and Black-backed Woodpeckers; Alder Flycatcher; Boreal Chickadee; more than 20 species of nesting warblers including Golden-winged, Cape May, Blackburnian, Pine, Bay-breasted, Connecticut and Mourning; Pine and Evening Grosbeaks; Red and White-winged Crossbills.

  • Area Notes

    Forest roads are open to the public. Thompson Forest Road is highly recommended. A few secondary roads are gated to protect surfaces during very wet periods of the spring and fall. Many forest roads are not plowed in winter. Logging trails may be hiked, giving good access to remote areas. Campgrounds and picnic areas can be found here.

  • Photo Gallery