Kettledrummer Prairie / Foxhome Prairie Bird Trail

  • Features

    These two sites, managed by The Nature Conservancy, together represent 440 acres of alkaline tallgrass prairie. Prairie Chickens are the featured species of the preserves but many other prairie birds and flowers can be viewed here.

  • Best Times to Visit
    April through October.
  • Birds to Look For

    Red-tailed Hawk; Greater Prairie-Chicken; Upland Sandpiper; Marbled Godwit; Eastern Kingbird; Sedge Wren; Savannah, Henslow’s, LeConte’s and Nelson’s Sharp-tailed sparrows; Bobolink; Western Meadowlark

  • Area Notes

    Waterproof footgear recommended. No established trails available. Foot traffic O.K.

  • Photo Gallery
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