Maplewood State Park Bird Trail

  • Habitat

    Deciduous woodlands, lakes, fields.

  • Features

    Maplewood State Park preserves 9,250 acres of rolling terrain and eastern broadleaf forest. There are over 150 bird species known to be breeding in the park. The park is managed by the Minnesota DNR, and there are biking, hiking, ski trails and campgrounds located in the park.

  • Best Times to Visit
    April through October.
  • Birds to Look For

    Great Egret; Green Heron; Trumpeter Swan; Turkey Vulture; Wood Duck; Osprey; Red-shouldered Hawk; woodpeckers; vireos; warblers including Golden-winged and Indigo Bunting.

  • Area Notes

    Vehicle permits required. Picnic area and campgrounds available. Fall leaf color is spectacular!

  • Photo Gallery