Red Lake Falls Waste Treatment Ponds

  • Habitat

    Two water treatment ponds totaling ~40 ac

  • Features

    Two waste water treatment ponds provide open water habitat for waterfowl and other waterbirds

  • Best Times to Visit
    April though November
  • Birds to Look For

    Waterfowl, shorebirds and waterbirds including: Trumpeter Swan, Horned Grebe, godwits, Wilson’s Phalarope. Additional bird groups include gulls, swallows, blackbirds and sparrows.

  • Area Notes

    The wastewater treatment ponds are just out of the city limits on the west side of town. Go West on 3rd St W, which will become Jefferson Ave NW (and changes to a dirt/gravel road). Follow Jefferson Ave NW away from town to the demolition landfill. Easy access. Much of the site can be viewed with binoculars or a good spotting scope.